President's Office


Presidential Task Force on the Senior Year Experience

Overview of the Senior Year Experience

October, 2006

Positive Aspects of the Muhlenberg Senior Year Experience:

  • Seniors have close and satisfying relationships with professors.
  • Seniors find the campus environment supportive and believe the College cares for them.
  • Seniors are satisfied with their social lives.
  • Approximately 70% of graduates go on to full-time employment and 30% go on to graduate or professional school in the year following graduation. Additional positive outcomes include a medical and law school placement record averaging over 80%.

Challenging Aspects of the Muhlenberg Senior Year Experience:

  • Seniors have not had as many enriching academic experiences as we would hope (e.g., study abroad, independent research, paid internships).
  • Seniors are not as challenged academically as we would hope.
  • Seniors need opportunities to reflect on the meaning of their Muhlenberg experience.
  • Seniors need guidance and support in making the transition to life beyond Muhlenberg.

Ways we are addressing the challenges:

  • The strategic plan provides additional funding for PRAXIS pedagogies and the enriching academic experiences they offer to students.
  • APC has received information about the senior year academic experience and has been charged with addressing this in their current curricular re-design.
  • President Helm has established a SYE Taskforce charged with developing creative opportunities for seniors engage in reflection on the meaning of their Muhlenberg experience and enhancing their transition to life after graduation.

(The information in this report was derived from a number of sources including the HEDS and NSSE surveys, the student life satisfaction survey, and the career survey.)