President's Office


Presidential Task Force on the Senior Year Experience

Muhlenberg College Senior Year Experience Task Force Meeting, 01/29/07

Attending: Randy Helm (Chair), Sharon Albert, Peter Bredlau, Michael Bruckner, Ryan Campbell, Wendy Cole, Tom Cragin, Sara Efroson, Traci Falco, Karen Green, Kathy Harring, Marjorie Hass, Chris Hooker-Haring, Erika Iyengar, Deborah Kipp, Hartley Lachter, Evelyn Lipschutz, Patti Mittleman, Cailin Pachter, Kellie Provost-Brown, Rachel Rosenberg, Jeff Rudski, Chris Sistare, Alan Tjeltveit, Carol Wilson.

Kathy Harring gave a report on the Senior Survey which will be tabulated in time to share results at the campus forum on February 22nd. Margie Hass and Karen Green provided brief updates on the Reflections and Transitions subcommittees respectively. Chris Sistare provided a lengthier report on the progress of APC in responding to SYE issues. APC will be bringing recommendations to the faculty that touch on advising and mentoring, as well as capstone experiences in the curriculum. Their research estimates that approximately 75% of our majors currently offer capstone experiences, though they do not use that term in referring to them. The need for flexibility among disciplines was stressed. Capstone experiences might be a senior thesis in one discipline, a recital in another, an exhibition in still another.

We discussed the format for the campus forum on Thursday, February 22nd. Miller Forum will be the location. The time, originally scheduled for 7 PM, has since been shifted to 7:30 to accommodate Student Council.

First drafts will now be due on February 28 and should include resource estimates and staffing proposals. Margie Hass and Karen Green are to confer about a standard format. APC will not be expected to provide its report on this timetable.

We will have another meeting of the full SYE task force in mid-March to review the first drafts and send feedback to the subcommittees.