President's Office


Presidential Task Force on the Senior Year Experience

Reflections Task Force, 12/01/06

Present: Margie Hass (chair), Sharon Albert, Tom Craigin, Deb Kipp, Ryan Campbell, Trevor Wade, Jeff Rudski, Alan Tjeltveit, Peter Bredlau,  Keri Colabroy, Carol Shiner Wilson,(scribe).

The minutes from the November 17 were corrected to reflect that Alan was not on the mentorship subcommittee. Jeff added his name to that group.

Chair Hass indicated that this meeting was to discuss draft documents so ideas could be shared. Subcommittees would then refine their documents into draft documents for the SYE Committee to review on December 12.

Selected highlights of the discussion.

Mission: Language from the purpose statement in mentoring could be valuable to incorporate in the mission: “reflecting upon the academic, social, emotional, and/or spiritual growth.”

Mentoring: Mentoring groups would be made up of faculty and staff who would be provided with guidelines for the mentoring experience. The experience would be optional. A system of connecting mentor and seniors would be essential to avoid “overbooking” for well known individuals. Matching student advisors with faculty advisors for first-year advising was cited as a possible model. Groups would need to be set up in the spring of the students’ junior year.

Anthology: The group discussed a “one-stop shopping” model where other information for seniors—Commencement information, in particular—could be posted. A multimedia reflection anthology might include a digital video montage of first-year orientation week, an interactive blog, and references to books such as Ready for the real World.

Senior Year Moments: Opportunities should be taken at events such as the Candlelighting ceremony, sports banquets, and the numerous activities during Senior Week to connect and reflect.