President's Office


Presidential Task Force on the Senior Year Experience

Steering Committee, 12/11/06

Attending: Tammy Bormann (by telephone), Karen Green, Chris Sistare, Kathy Harring, Chris Hooker-Haring, Kelli Provost-Brown, Margie Hass, Randy Helm

The Steering Committee received updates from the Reflection and Transition Subcommittees on their work to-date.

The Committee next discussed the question of whether SYE events should be voluntary, mandatory, or a combination of the two. We agreed that this issue should be considered by the full Task Force and discussed with the community at large before reaching any conclusive decisions.

The Committee also talked, in a very preliminary way about the budget implications of the program, acknowledging that it could not be budget neutral but that it would not enjoy unlimited resources either. Ways to cover incremental costs of the SYE programs must be considered carefully.

Finally, the Steering Committee reviewed the agenda for the full Task Force meeting on December 12.