President's Office


Presidential Task Force on the Senior Year Experience

Task Force Meeting, 12/12/06

Attending: Tammy Bormann (by telephone), Chris Sistare, Kathy Harring, Chris Hooker-Haring, Kelli Provost-Brown, Margie Hass, Randy Helm, Eveleyn Lipschutz, Ryan Campbell, Karen Green, Patti Mittleman, Alan Tjeltveit, Erica Iyengar, Mike Bruckner, Carol Shiner Wilson, Tom Cragin, Wendy Cole, Deb Kipp, Peter Bredlau, Hartley Lachter, Traci Falco, Kate Ranieri.

Provost Hass led a discussion of the Reflection Subcommittee's work to date, including the group's "moodle" and various proposals, including mentor groups, multimedia reflection resources, and others. The Reflection Subcommittee believed that student reflection should be ongoing and that it should be both an individual and a shared experience.

Dean Green led a discussion of the Transition Subcommittee's work to date, including portfolio/webfolio assessment opportunities, the Career Center's "Welcome to the Real World" series, experiential opportunities such as Teach for America, the Peace Corps, and other transitional activities, social outlets, and other ideas. Early student reaction to the idea of a mid-year "Reorientation" has been highly positive and the Task Force has been developing a brief survey that would allow the Task Force to assess what areas seniors are most anxious about and which issues they would most like to have addressed by campus programs and activities.

Each Subcommittee will refine its proposals in draft form by January 29 at which time they will be posted on the SYE website for community comment. A campus forum, perhaps focusing on the Junior Class, will be scheduled in February.

President Helm and Provost Hass will be meeting with APC early in the spring semester to discuss progress on the curricular aspect of the SYE.