President's Office


Presidential Task Force on the Senior Year Experience

Transition Sub-Committee, 12/12/06

General themes of the first meeting/brainstorming session:

  • How to become a lifelong learner?
  • Life 101 Opportunities (i.e. financial planning, insurance, leases)
  • Skill set vs. Theories
  • Capstone Experience
  • Involvement of Young Alumnae for Peer to Peer Mentoring
  • January Seminar/Workshop to address transitional issues
  • Portfolio and Webfolio Assessments
  • Welcome to the Real World – Career Center Program for Seniors
  • Experiential Opportunities and Fellowships
  • Generating Social Outlets – How to form new relationships/Maintaining Muhlenberg friendships

Partners in a Senior Year Experience:

  • Faculty and Staff
  • Young Alumnae
  • Parents

It was suggested that we consider focusing on programming that commences early in the Junior Year in order to achieve the greatest impact for a SYE.

After a lengthy discussion during the second meeting, it became evident that an assessment tool was necessary for discerning what causes anxiety in our current seniors.  Several subcommittee members volunteered to draft a survey to be administered to seniors online early spring semester.  Kathy Herring will be approached for her assistance.
During the SYE Steering Committee meeting of Monday, December 11 it was decided to have the subcommittee on Reflection view the draft and suggest additional questions that would meet their purpose as well.

A pilot program of a January “Disorientation” has tremendous support from all subcommittee members who view this as an opportunity to engage seniors before the start of their final semester. The Reflection subcommittee would be invited to join in this endeavor especially where there is an overlapping of proposed programs initiatives.