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Honorary Degrees Granted, 2004-2010

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Degree Granted


Ruth J. Abram Humanities 2007
Sarkis Acopian Science 2006
Muhammad Ali Humane Letters 2009
Stephen Brookfield Humane Letters 2010
Lee Berry ’68 Divinity 2008
Benjamin Carson Science 2011
Lorene Cary Humane Letters 2005
Gilbert Cates Arts 2009
William Cronon Humane Letters 2005
Barbara Crossette ’63 Humane Letters 2008
Marian Wright Edelman Laws 2008
Kathryn Fuller Humane Letters 2010
Sara “Sally” Gammon Science 2008
Sheldon Hackney Humanities 2004
Margaret “Peggy” Healy Humanities 2006
John K. Heyl ’28 Humanities 2006
Jeannette Ickovics Science 2012
Avraham Infeld Humanities 2006
John E. Jones III Laws 2007
Galway Kinnell Letters 2009
Tony Kushner Letters 2011
Ronald Levant Humane Letters 2010
Elizabeth McCartney Humane Letters 2012
Jonathan C. Messerli Humane Letters 2005
Kathleen McGinty Humane Letters 2009
Robert Moses Humane Letters 2004
Gladys J. Mouro Humane Letters 2005
Zachary Rosenburg Humane Letters 2012
Edmund D. Pellegrino Science 2007
Mary L. Schapiro Humane Letters 2012
Joseph Scheller Humane Letters 2011
Rita Scheller Humane Letters 2011
Judy Shepard Humane Letters 2008
James Steffy Humanities 2004
James B. Stewart Letters 2011
Ray Suarez Humane Letters 2006
Teresa “Terri” Swearingen Humanities 2004
Garry Trudeau Humane Letters 2007
Garry Wills Humane Letters 2004
Peter Yarrow Humane Letters 2011

Bold = Commencement Speaker
Italics = Degree awarded posthumously

NOTE:  Biographies were current when honorees received their degrees, but do not reflect activity or accomplishment since the date of the degree.

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