Public Speeches

Worst. Generation. Ever.

Privilege, Opening Convocation, August 2014

Who Are You Anyway, Baccalaureate Address, May 2014

Unscripted, Freshman Convocation, August 2013

Home, Baccalaureate Address, May 2013

Oops!, Dean’s List Convocation Address, November 2012

Five Smooth Stones, Freshman Convocation, August 2012

SNAP OUT OF IT, Baccalaureate Address, 2012

Hard Work, Dean’s List Convocation Address, October 2011

No Chariots Allowed, Freshman Convocation Address, August 2011

A Stopped Clock, Dean’s List Convocation Ceremony, November 2010

Please Don’t Eat Your Roommate, and other Advice for Your Freshman Year at Muhle

Ear Bud Nation, Baccalaureate Address, May 2010

Intellectual Jihad, Dean’s List Convocation Address, November 2009

Knock Knock, Freshman Convocation Address, August 2009

What Puts the Ape in Apricot?, Baccalaureate Address, May 2009

Elites, Dean’s List Convocation Address, October 2008

Welcome to the Underground, Freshman Convocation, August 2008

State of Israel Bonds Tribute Dinner, May 2008

Non-Trivial Pursuits, Dean's List Convocation, October 2007

Solon's Point, Freshman Convocation, August 2007

Good Strife, Dean's List Convocation, October 2006

Community and Compromise, Freshman Convocation, August 2006

The Levee and the Flood, Dean's List Convocation, October 2005

Journey, Wescoe School Commencement, October 2005

Four Years Later Remarks on 9/11, September 2005

Truth and Turtles, Freshman Convocation Address, August 2005

The Pursuit, Baccalaureate Address, May 2005

"The Phrygian Word for Bread", Wescoe School Commencement Dinner, May 2005

Sweet Torture, Dean's List Convocation, October 2004

Memory and History Three Years After 9/11, September 2004

Launched on the Wine-Dark Sea, Freshman Convocation, August 2004

"Running the Farm", Baccalaureate Ceremony, May 2004

Remembering David, In Memory of David Friedman, February 2004

Welcome to the Dance, Dean's List Ceremony, October 2003

Earth Shall be Fair and All Her People One, Inaugural Address, October 2003

Lorene Cary's Introduction of President Peyton Randolph Helm, October 2003

Professor Laureate Dr. Albert Kipa's Welcome Message to President Helm

Persistence Trumps All, Wescoe School Commencement, October 2003

September 11, 2003 Memorial Remarks

Privilege, Character, and Obligation, Freshman Convocation Address, August 2003

A Strunkian Manifesto (Muhlenberg Magazine, Winter '14)