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A blog can be a powerful learning tool. The process of constructing and evaluating knowledge while creating a blog post allows students to engage in higher order thinking. By reading the work of peers, students see models for writing and thinking.

Why Would I Use a Blog?

Blogging can provide an opportunity for participation and an audience for student writing. When others interact with an individual’s posts, a blog can become a forum for discussion. A blog can also offer an opportunity for students to share diverse perspectives.

Blogs can support social co-construction of knowledge is through collaborative communication.

Using the blog tool in Blackboard can help you to create a blog to be shared only between members of the class or it can be configured to or between specific student groups and the instructor.

Blogs in courses can be used for:

  • - Reflective journals
  • - Peer review and feedback
  • - Critical thinking and creativity

To Learn More:

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