Academic Instructional Design


Summary of Faculty Technology Survey

In an October 2011 survey with more than 65 faculty respondents, faculty indicated preferences about uses, motivations, and challenges of technology integration in their teaching.  The following is a summary of data collected from this survey:  

What factors motivate Muhlenberg faculty to integrate technology into their teaching?

  • • A desire to improve student learning.
  • • The ability to facilitate communication.
  • • The ability to increase access to course materials.

What teaching goals do faculty members wish to address using technology?

  • • Making class-time interacting and engaging. 
  • • Demonstrating complex concepts.
  • • Providing practice and reinforcement as important to address using technology.

What technologies would faculty like to learn more about?

  • • The interactive features of Blackboard
  • • Blogging

What methods of training were preferred by faculty?
Workshops and roundtable sessions

What types of faculty development programs will be offered to support faculty work?
• Workshops and roundtables that address the interactive features of Blackboard including the use of blogging using Blackboard. 
• Possible future sessions may follow on other blogging formats.