Purchasing Department


Small Dollar Purchases

A Small Dollar Purchase is an order totaling less than $150.00. Such purchases may be purchased directly by the department using either a college Procurement Card or a Limited Purchase Order. Items charged to equipment accounts (xx-87110-xx, xx-87120-xx, or xx-87140-xx) may not be ordered on Limited Purchase Orders or on the Procurement Card.

A Limited Purchase Order is a multi-part purchase order, pre-numbered, signed by the Director of Purchasing. It must be filled out completely and copies distributed as indicated on the bottom of the form. The order may be faxed, mailed, phoned, or given directly to the vendor. The purchase order number must be given to the vendor when placing the order. Please remind the vendor that the purchase order number must appear on all invoices, packing slips, and correspondence relating to the order.

Limited Purchase Orders may not be grouped to cover a transaction that exceeds the $150.00 limit. They are available to college departments in quantities up to 20 and must be picked up at the Purchasing Office. They cannot be sent through the inner-office mail. The individual picking up the purchase orders is responsible for them.

Invoices (bills) referencing Limited Purchase Order numbers will be paid without receiving documentation. It will be assumed that items are received unless Accounts Payable is notified. If there is a problem with your order, contact the Controller's Office/Accounts Payable regarding payment of the invoice.

Any Limited Purchase Order that is not useable for any reason must be marked VOID and sent to the Purchasing Department.