Africana Studies Minor

  1. Curriculum
    The minor in Africana Studies consists of six courses.

    Required Courses:
    AAS 101 Introduction to African American Studies
    ENG 273 or 274 African American Literature
    HST 365 or 366 The African American Experience I: to 1896 OR
    HST 367 or 368 The African American Experience II: since 1896
    SOC 224 American Ethnic Diversity OR
    SOC 235 Inequality & Power

    Electives:  Students must complete two electives
    One general elective which may be satisfied by any course that engages topics of African American or Africana experience, including the following already existing courses:

    ATH 260 Vodou in Haiti & the Diaspora
    COM 372 or 373 Race & Representation
    ENG 232 African American Drama
    FRN 330 Francophone Cultures of Africa & the Caribbean
    PSC 237 or 238 Government & Politics of Africa

    One arts elective which must be satisfied by a course engaging African American or Africana arts (art, dance, film, music, or theatre).  Possible already existing courses include the following:
    DNC 150 African Dance & Cultures
    MUS 225 World Music
    MUS 228 History of Jazz
    THR 230 or 231 Topics in Theatre History: Post-Independence African Theatre

    Spring 2012 Courses
    AAS 380: Special Topic: African American Mass Media
    ARH 223: African American Art
    COM 372: Race and Representation
    DNC 150: African Dance and Culture
    HST   280:  Special Topic: Hist/Mem/Perf-Ghana
    HST 281: Special Topic: Comp Slavery/New Wrld
    HST 291: Colonial Latin America
    MUS 225: World Music
    MUS 228: History of Jazz
    PSC 203: Civil Rights & Liberties
    PSY 480: Special Topic: Contemporary Racism
    PSY 483: Special Topic: Psychology of African Americans