Art Department


Courses and Requirements

At Muhlenberg, Art History and Studio Art are housed in the Art Department. We believe that each discipline informs the other, providing students with a more complete understanding of their area of interest. Our goal is to provide all students majoring or minoring in art with:

  • A fundamental understanding of art within a cultural context
  • An introduction to the elements of visual language
  • Well-developed technical skills
  • Knowledge of the challenges facing artists in contemporary society
  • Effective skills in oral and written communication

Art majors may choose to concentrate in Art History, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking or Sculpture. Regardless of focus, however, all art majors are required to take the two-semester Art History survey, ARH101 and ARH102, as well as a writing-intensive Art History course. The remaining major requirements may be fulfilled as follows:

Studio Sequence Majors

  • Drawing Studio
  • At least two of: Sculpture I, Printmaking I, Painting I, Intro. to Analog Photography
  • At least one 300-level studio course
  • Senior Studio Seminar: Portfolio Development

Art History Sequence Majors

  • 7 other courses within the department

All art minors are required to take either ARH101 or ARH102. The remaining minor requirements may be fulfilled as follows:

Studio Sequence Minors

  • Drawing I
  • 3 additional courses, including at least one 200-level studio course

Art History Sequence Minors

  • A writing-intensive course in art history
  • 3 other courses in the department

The following courses are offered by the Art Department:

Art History

  • Introduction to Art History I
  • Introduction to Art History II
  • History of Modern Architecture
  • Ancient Art
  • Baroque Art
  • Nineteenth Century Art
  • American Art
  • British Art
  • Modern Art
  • Contemporary Art
  • African American Art
  • Women & Art
  • History of Photography
  • Italian Renaissance Art
  • Art History Seminarr

Studio Art

  • Drawing I, II, III
  • Sculpture I, II, III
  • Printmaking I, II, III
  • Painting I, II, III
  • Visual Foundations
  • Drawing Studio
  • Drawing from Nature
  • Photography and Digital Media
  • Intro./Intermed. Digital Photog.
  • Intro./Intermed. Analog Photog.
  • Advanced Photography
  • The Graphic Novel
  • Sound Art
  • Senior Studio Seminar: Portfolio Development
  • Senior Studio Seminar: Thesis Exhibition (invitation only)

Download Course Requirements:

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