Asian Traditions


Asian American Association


Co-presidents: Jessica Chin & Akshara Kartik

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Janine Chi

Asian American Association (AAA) is an organization that celebrates the Asian cultures represented by Muhlenberg students. In the past, our club has attended conferences and organized campus-wide events. Many of these events highlight Asian holidays, including the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and the Indian Diwali. During the spring, AAA hosts International Week - a week filled with international trivia, activities and food. AAA is also established to welcome international and exchange students. We hope to share and learn from one another's experiences, while developing a social haven for those away from home.

Religion Studies and Cultures Forum

President: Georgina Simon
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kammie Takahashi



Heil Durapuja   durgapuja

Photos taken at a recent Religions of India class field trip with Dr. Ghosh to the Durga Puja celebrations at the Lehigh Valley Hindu Temple Society. Photographer and Asian Traditions Minor Ellison Heil sees his studies in Asian Studies and Photography as mutually beneficial. Says Ellison, "...Photography is my favorite form of self expression. As my mother is a photographer by profession I have always been followed around with the constant click of a shutter. I hope that my photographs will serve as visual essays to my experiences. As I will be traveling to the foothills of the Himalayas next semester I plan to carry my camera every step of the way. I believe imagery enhances all forms of media and hope to include images into the majority of my papers that I write from now on, whether it be science or religion. Photos act as a lens by which I view the world, which can sometimes be ineffable, a common component and theme in Eastern religions."