Asian Traditions



Director: Kammie Takahashi

The Asian Traditions Minor offers students the opportunity to explore the rich cultural and religious heritage of South and East Asia and its influence on contemporary affairs. Asian countries play an increasingly important role in global concerns, and it is crucial to forge connections with as much expertise and understanding as possible. The information and understanding gained through this course of study will benefit students in whatever field of endeavor they choose to pursue.

Students must choose five courses from at least three different departments and must complete a Senior Capstone Project. The former may be chosen from Special Topics courses as approved by the Minor Program Director and from among the regular College offerings listed below. One Asian language course may be counted toward the minor. Students are also encouraged to supplement regular course offerings with language study offered on LVAIC campuses and study abroad opportunities.

Chinese Course: CHN 181 – Elementary Chinese
                            CHN 182 - Elementary Chinese II  

English Course: ENG 231, 232 - Reading India

Film Studies Courses:

FLM 330 -  New Asian Cinema                                       
FLM 334- Bollywood: Indian Popular Cinema  

History Courses:

HST 267 or 268 Introduction to Traditional Japan
HST 269 – Traditional China
HST 271 or 272 - Modern China
HST 273 or 274 - Modern Japan
HST 391 or 392 - The Mongol Legacy

MILA (Muhlenberg Integrated Learning Abroad Courses)

The States of China
The Pearl River Delta, China
Climate Changes and Sustainable Development in Bangladesh

Philosophy Courses:

PHL 104 - Philosophy East and West
PHL 220 - Philosophies of Asia
PHL 250 - Philosophies of India
PHL 251 - Philosophies of China
PHL 351 - Daoist Philosophies

Political Science Course: PSC 232 or 233 - Governments & Politics of East Asia

Religion Department Courses:

REL 203 - Religions of India
REL 207 - Religions of China
REL 208 - Religions of Japan
REL 225 - Buddhist Traditions
REL 313 - Religion & Performing Arts in India
REL 351 - Topics in Gender and Religion: The Feminine in South Asia

Sociology Course: SOC 325 - Imagined Communities: The Sociology of Nations and States

Additional Courses:

AST 950 - Senior Capstone Project

Each student will roster a Senior Capstone Project, designed in consultation with the Program Director, which will conclude with a presentation open to other minor program participants.

AST 970 - Independent Study in Asian Traditions