Biology Department

Biology Department
  1. Biology Department Programmatic Goals

  2. Knowledge Goals:
    Students will understand the central theories and fundamental principles of the biological sciences.

    Skills Goals:

    1. Reading: Students can read both primary and secondary biological literature.
    2. Writing: Students can write about scientific information in both a formal and informal manner.
    3. Oral: Students can effectively communicate scientific information through speech.
    4. Reasoning: Students can think about biological science in reasoned manner.

    Students will…

    1. Be able to review data (observations, graphs and tables) and provide analysis that illustrates causes for effects and establishes relationships based on evidence and logical arguments.
    2. Be able to use data and content knowledge to discern relationships between two or more ideas and apply those inferences to solve a problem.
    3. Be able of applying biological principles to new situations within a classroom.
    4. Interpret data from tables and figures.
    5. Draw inferences from observations.
    6. Be able to distinguish between fact and opinion, and understand the role of each in both scientific and non-scientific contexts.
    7. Be able to synthesize information pertaining disparate topics covered within a class.

    5. "Doing”: Students are capable of working in a laboratory or field environment, carrying out techniques and methods used to gain knowledge in the biological sciences.  Students will...

    1. Achieve a certain level of mastery of quantitative skills that are necessary for conducting, expressing, and interpreting biological research.
    2. Know how to properly design an experiment.

    Integration Goal:
    Students will be able to examine the connections between biology and other scientific and non-scientific subjects.

    Students will…

    1. Use their understanding of biological issues to make social, political and ethical decisions
    2. Be able to examine the connections of biology with other scientific and non-scientific subjects.
    3. Be capable of integrating information between different classes and disciplines in the major.

    Engagement Goals:
    1. Students will work collaboratively both in the classroom and other activities.
    2. Students will be engaged in biology both in the classroom and other activities.