Biology Department


Brain Camp

Brain Camp is a one-week residential summer experience for high school students interested in the inner-workings of the brain. Students at Brain Camp live in on campus at Muhlenberg College; attend hands-on workshops that explore brain anatomy, physiology, and development; and pioneer research projects in faculty laboratories.

Each day at Brain Camp includes:

  • Morning sessions that demonstrate hot topics in neuroscience through hands-on activities. Past activities have included: da Vinci and Brain Anatomy, What's Really Happening on Fear Factor?, and This is Your Brain on Drugs.
  • Afternoon research projects that let students design their own experiements. Projects are directed by faculty from the biology, neuroscience, and psychology departments at Muhlenberg College.
  • Evening social activities including Dorney Park, outdoor movies, and more!

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(Application deadline: May 15, 2009)