Biology Department


New Science and Shankweiler Building Policy

The Biology Department wants students to use the New Science Building and Shankweiler for study and research.  Monday through Friday, the building is open to students all day and during restricted evening hours. The Altman Reading Room is available to students for group and individual study. Students engaged in research projects or employed by the Department can obtain access to the building at other times by adhering strictly to Departmental policy. The building schedule is as follows:

Monday – Friday, 7 AM – 7 PM
Building is unlocked and all students are allowed to work in the building

Sunday – Thursday, 7 PM – 11 PM
Building is unlocked and all students are allowed to work in the building, but ALL students/occupants must cooperate with the Night Supervisor when requested to sign the building log. The Night Supervisor, a student employee, is responsible for overseeing building policy during these times.

Monday – Thursday, 11 PM – 7 AM and Friday, 7 PM – Sunday, 7 PM
The building is locked and the only students allowed in the building are those that have received safety training and have the explicit permission of the Department to be in the building. These students must sign the Building Log when they enter the building. In general, the only students given late night and weekend permission are those who are employed to perform specific tasks or are performing research projects. The mechanism for gaining access to the building is provided to these students.