Chemistry Department


Charles Russell Charles E. Russell Email Charles E. Russell

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Trumbower Room 334
(484) 664-3271

B.A., Wesleyan University
Ph.D., Colorado State University

Dr. Charles Russell's research interests are in organometallic chemistry, specifically the application of palladium catalysis to organic synthesis. Current work focuses on the development of palladium-mediated cyclization reactions, and their application to the synthesis of natural products. Other, long-term interests include p-allyl palladium chemistry and the development of enantioselective alkylation reactions. Dr. Russell also oversees the departmental NMR spectrometer.

Courses Taught:
CHM 203 Honors Organic Chemistry I
CHM 204 Honors Organic Chemistry II
CHM 403 Chiral Synthesis
CHM 380 Special Topics: NMR Spectroscopy
CHM 480 Special Topics: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance