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Joseph M. Keane Email Joseph M. Keane

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Trumbower Room 239
(484) 664-3262

B.S., B.A., Lycoming College
Ph.D., University of Virginia

Research Interests:
Applications of chiral C2-symmetric tetraamine ligands..

Recent Publications:
Liebov, B. K.; Weigle, C. E.; Keinath, K. V.; Leap, J. E.; Pike, R. D.; Keane, J. M. "Topological Variations of the PDP ligand and Its Prospects in Molybdenum(0) Dearomatization Agents" Inorganic Chemistry 2011, 50, 4677-4679.

Dilsky, S.; Palomaki, P. K.; Rubin, J. A.; Saunders, J. E.; Pike, R. D.; Sabat, M.; Keane, J. M.; Ha, Y. "Synthesis and Reactivity of Cationic Bipyridine Tungsten(0) and Molybdenum(0) Nitrosyl Complexes" Inorganica Chimica Acta 2007, 360, 2387-2396.

Ha, Y.; Dilsky, A. S.; Graham, P. M.; Liu, W.; Reichart, T. M.; Sabat, M.; Keane, J. M.; Harman, W. D. "Development of New Group 6 Dearomatization Agents" Organometallics 2006, 25, 5184-5187.

Keane, J. M.; Harman, W. D. "A New Generation of Pi-Basic Dearomatization Agents" Organometallics 2005, 24, 1786-1798.

Courses Taught:
CHM 050 Chemistry Seminar
CHM 103 General Chemistry I
CHM 201 Organic Chemistry
CHM 331 Inorganic Chemistry
CHM 430 Organometallic Chemistry

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