Health Professions Department


Applicant Information 2014-2015

(current students and alumni)
FOR THE 2014-2015 CYCLE

Before any materials can be forwarded to professional graduate schools on behalf of applicants, the following conditions established by the Pre- Professional Office (PPO) must be met prior to November 1st, 2014: 

  1. Each applicant must complete and submit to the Pre- Professional Office the INFO FORM (can be found on the HP website under “Professional School").

  1. Each applicant must complete an interview with the Director of the PPO.  (In the case of great geographical distance from the college, a telephone interview can be conducted in place of an in-person interview).

  1. Each applicant must submit requisite graduate exam scores/results to the PPO (i.e. MCAT, DAT, OAT, GRE etc.)

  1. Each applicant must submit to the PPO an evaluation letter from an osteopathic physician if he/she intends to apply to an osteopathic medical school.

  1. Each applicant must submit to the PPO a 2” by 2” photo of him/herself. This can be printed from a computer.

  1. Each applicant must arrange with the college’s Registrar to have official transcripts sent to the application service/schools of his/her choice.  

  1. Each applicant must pay a $50.00 processing fee to the PPO (checks made payable to Muhlenberg College) to cover the cost of compiling and sending the committee evaluation packet to professional graduate schools.

  1. Each applicant must check his/her file (current students applying can do this electronically but alumni applying will need to call the PPO) to be certain that all evaluation letters requested have been received.

  1. Each applicant must submit to the PPO an electronic copy of AMCAS/AACOMAS/AADSAS etc. immediately after he/she submits it online.  The PPO copy must include the actual submission date, the complete list of schools to which you’re applying and your personal statement.  The PPO will not mail your committee evaluation packet until all of these materials are received.

  1. Each applicant’s goal should be to complete all secondary/supplemental applications before Labor Day Weekend in order to put him/herself in the best possible position to be granted early fall interview.

  2. If you are a re-applicant and have previously applied through Muhlenberg's PPO, you do not need to complete a new INFO FORM or have another interview.  However, you must submit a current resume and it is recommended that you touch base with the PPO to confirm that your file is complete. n.b.   Please refer to 7 and 9 as well. 

  3. Each applicant must sign a waiver giving the PPO advisor the ability to review academic and disciplinary records in the Dean's Office.