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Russian Studies Featured Alumni Profiles

The interdisciplinary Russian Studies Program at ‘Berg allows students not only to learn about Russia, but also develop an appreciation for diversity, while preparing our graduates for jobs and responsible citizenship in today’s increasingly interconnected global world.  Below you will find profiles of some of our more recent alumni.

Kerri Cossean' 11Kerri Cossean, Class of 2011

"I graduated Cum Laude from Muhlenberg College in 2011 with a double major in History and Russian Studies. In Spring 2013, I was chosen to intern in the Executive Office at the US Embassy in Moscow, Russia...."

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Deborah Ward '12Deborah Ward, Class of 2012

“Since graduating from Muhlenberg, I have been working on my M.S. in Psychology at Villanova University. After completing my Master's degree in the Spring of 2014, I will be entering the Ph.D. program in Social-Personality Psychology at the University of Buffalo, begining the Fall of 2014....."

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Sydney Yonak '13Sydney Yonak, Class of 2013

"I currently work as a Program Assistant at FHI 360 which, is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways. I work specifically in the Open World Program that is sponsored by the U.S. Congress, which brings emerging leaders from participating countries to the United States..."

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