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Book Chapters

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Papers Presented at National & International Conferences

"Global Learning: Language Instruction for Short-term Study Abroad Experiences." Paper presented at the 2015 NEALLT (Northeast Association of Language Learning Technology) conference at Carnegie Mellon University, April 24-26, 2015. See Program. PowerPoint

"Russia and the near Abroad." Lecture presented at the Foreign Policy Association's 41st Annual Great Decisions Foreign Policy Lecture Series 2015. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, February 4, 2015. Read More. See Program. PowerPoint.

"QR Codes: Addressing Language Visibility on Campus." Paper presented at the NEALLT 2014 Conference "Technology and Language Learning: In the Classroom and Beyond." Swarthmore College, March 14-17, 2014. PowerPoint

"Facilitating Collaborative Learning in the Cloud." Paper presented at the NEALLT 2013 Spring Conference “Technology and the Student." Cornell University, April 12-14, 2013. PowerPoint

"Engaging Students beyond the Classroom: Instructor as Moderator and Guide on Facebook." Paper presented at the NEALLT 2012 Spring Conference "Teacher Roles and Practices in Technology-Enhanced Instruction." Carnegie Mellon University, March 30-April 1, 2012. PowerPoint

“Self-Authorship and L2 Identities on Facebook: Augmenting Student Communicative Behavior.” Paper presented at the International Society for Language Studies 2011 “Language and Identity in the Global World.” Aruba, June 23-25, 2011. PowerPoint

“Instructional Challenges of Hybrid Teaching."  Paper presented at the NEALLT Spring 2011 Conference "Transcultural Collaborations: Language Learning in Virtual & Physical Spaces."  University of Pennsylvania, April 1-3, 2011.  PowerPoint

“Augmenting Student Social and Communicative Behavior via Experimentation with L2 Identities and Self-Authorship on Facebook."  Paper presented at the NEALLT/NERALLT Fall 2009 Joint Conference "Distance and Blended Learning Environments."  Yale University, October 30-31, 2009.  PowerPoint

“Producing Digital Videos: A Sociocultural Approach.” Paper presented at the CALICO with IALLT 26th Annual Conference “Language Learning in the Era of Ubiquitous Computing.” Arizona State University, March 10-14, 2009. PowerPoint and Videos

“CALL Design and Video Comprehension: Insights from Research and Practice.” Paper presented at the CALICO with IALLT 25th annual conference “Bridging CALL Communities.” University of San Francisco, March 18-22, 2008. PowerPoint

“Online Video Streams: Theoretical and Practical Considerations of Using Newscasts." Paper given at the CALICO with IALLT 24th annual conference "The Many (Inter) Faces of CALL," Texas State University, May 22-26, 2007. PowerPoint and SCOLA Viewing Guide

“Developing Listening Comprehension using SCOLA Online Newscasts: Theoretical and Practical Considerations.” Paper given at the annual NEALLT conference “Technology- Mediated Language learning Beyond the Classroom.” University of Pennsylvania, April 5-7, 2006. PowerPoint and SCOLA Viewing Guide

“Exploring Ideas for Developing the Foreign Language Website.” Paper given at the annual NEALLT Conference, Rochester Institute of Technology, March 15-17, 2005. PowerPoint

 “Research-Based Listening Tasks for Video Comprehension.” Paper given at the 21st annual CALICO conference, Carnegie Mellon University, June 10-14, 2004. PowerPoint Presentation and Screenshots, and Nachalo Viewing Guide

"Building on Success & Learning from Mistakes." Co-presented with Dr. Pearce at the Tenth International CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) Conference "CALL Professionals and the Future of CALL Research." University of Antwerp, Belgium, August 17-20, 2002. PowerPoint

"Evaluating the Effectiveness of Teacher-Made Software: A Case Study." Paper given at the CALICO '00 International Conference: Core Technologies: Impact on the Future. University of Arizona. Tucson, May 26-31, 2000.

“Teaching and Learning Languages with Technology." Invited talk co-presented with Dr. Pearce at The Fifth Annual Mid-Atlantic College Conference. Montgomery, NJ. April 21, 2000.

"Creating Interactive, Multimedia Software for Language Learning." The Tenth National Conference on College Teaching and Learning. Jacksonville, Florida. April 14-17, 1999

"The Effect of Group Video Viewing in a Comprehension-Based Foreign Language Curriculum." Paper given at the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association (PSMLA) annual conference. Philadelphia, PA. October 22-23, 1999.

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 “Content! Content! Content,” a poster session co-presented with Dr. John Pearce. CALICO’97 International Conference. U.S. Military Academy, West Point, June 23-27, 1997.

“Creating Interactive, Multimedia Software for Foreign Language Learning.” Paper given at 
The Seventh National Conference on College Teaching and Learning. Jacksonville, Florida, March 21-24, 1996.

“By faculty and Students for Students and Faculty.” EUROCALL International Conference on Computer- Assisted Language Learning. Szombatelly, Hungary, August 26-30, 1996.

“Plan, Design, and Develop Your Own Interactive Multimedia Software.” Presentation given with Drs. Kipa & Marx at ACTFL 30th annual national conference. Philadelphia, November 21-23, 1996.


Summer Research Grant to examine computer-mediated communication, 2007

Sabbatical Leave Research: “Sociocultural Approaches to Language Study: Thinking through Vygotskian Theories,” Spring 2007

FCT Service-Learning Research Grant, 2006

Hewlett Foundation research grant to develop a First Year Seminar "Strangers in Paradise: Immigrant Writers in Post W.W.II American Literature." Summer 2002   

Hewlett Foundation grant to participate in a semester long PEP (Public Engagement Project)  faculty seminar. Spring 2002

New Course Development grant, Summer 2000. Designed and developed (193-402 ) 20th Century Russian Literature in Translation course focused on Nobel Prize Laureates in Russian Literature.

The Andrew Mellon Foundation grant, Summer 1999.  Supervised the Y2K-related upgrades at the Language Learning Center. Compiled a collection of thematic links on the WWWfor the six languages currently offered by the department. Designed the Language Learning Center home page on the WWW.

The Andrew Mellon Foundation grant, Summer 1998. Together with the colleagues in the department, developed assessment instruments (surveys for faculty and students)  to evaluate the effectiveness of the Mellon Project. Developed an interactive,  multimedia overview of the Mellon Project (CD).

Dissertation research grant, Summer 1997.  Developed instructional materials and designed the experimental component for dissertation research entitled Examination of  the Effectiveness of Group Video Viewing in a Comprehension-Based Foreign Language Curriculum. With the assistance of the colleagues in the Spanish Program, conducted a semester long experiment with 346 Muhlenberg students enrolled in Spanish Level III courses.

The Andrew Mellon Foundation grant, Summer 1996. Continued advising LVAIC faculty (team II) on software design. Developed my own software, "Space," which is currently used by Russian Level I, II, and III students. Presented this program at several national and international conferences.

The Andrew Mellon Foundation grant, Summer 1995. Advised LVAIC faculty (team I) on design and development of interactive, multimedia software for foreign language teaching and learning. Developed the software Russian Cooking which is currently used by Russian Level I, II, and III students. Presented this software at several national and international conferences.

Projects in Educational Technology

From 1995 to 1999 I served as technology specialist for the Mellon Grant project leading workshops for faculty on the design and development of interactive multimedia courseware for language teaching and learning. I also conducted individual training sessions with faculty and students on story boarding, screen design, and basic principles of courseware development, including content organization, navigation, and pedagogical needs. As a result of this team project, 17 faculty from 5 LVAIC institutions and 6 Muhlenberg students developed 26 interactive multimedia instructional units in 6 languages.  Since 1998, faculty-developed courseware, which has been integrated into the Department's curriculum.   For research findings and implication see my paper in The C.A.L.L. Journal, Fall 2003.

I authored several programs which my students use for the study of Russian:

At the Restaurant  (1995-97) is an interactive, multimedia software for Intermediate Russian. This instructional unit provides for contextualized learning in an authentic environment, including two video episodes filmed at Muhlenberg, as well as practice exercises and quizzes.

A Space Journey (1997-98) is an interactive, multimedia software for Elementary and Intermediate Russian, which includes the following topics: Numbers, Days of the Week, Calendar, Holidays, Metric System, 24 Hour Clock, Directions, and more. Students can practice vocabulary, grammar and culture in a variety of interactive formats, including drag-and-drop activities and animation.

Essential Interrogatives (1998). Translated from Spanish, and adapted for Russian language instruction, including changes in vocabulary, grammar, and screen design. 

By Faculty & Students, for Students & Faculty (1999), a multimedia CD ROM overview of the Mellon Project.

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