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Barri DeFrancisci     Barry DeFrancisci '12
     Student Lab Assistant
     Languages: Hebrew and Russian

My name is Barri DeFrancisci, and I am a Dance major and Russian Studies minor here at Muhlenberg. I'm part of the Muhlenberg Dance Association and the Perkulators Dance Team. I'm also a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Last spring, I went on a service trip to Israel and fell in love with the country so much that I decided to study abroad at Tel Aviv University in Spring 2011. This experience increased my desire to learn about other cultures and learn new languages. This is my third year working in the Language Lab and I enjoy helping other language students.

Konstantin Kuznetsov '12 Konstantin Kuznetsov '12
Student Lab Assistant
Languages: Russian

My name is Kon Kuznetsov and I am from Ardmore, Pennsylvania. I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and lived there for ten years. Here at Muhlenberg I play on the Men's Soccer team. I am a Finance and Mathematics double major and I am fluent in Russian. I enjoy learning languages and visiting foreign places. After I graduate, I intend to get my master in Finance. The Language Learning Center offers me a unique opportunity to be involved in what I enjoy learning the most while helping other students to learn another language.
Fall '08 to Spring '09. 

Brittany Sherman Brittany Sherman '12     
Student Lab Assistant
Languages: German and Spanish

My name is Brittany Sherman, and I am part of the class of 2012 here at Muhlenberg. I am a Neuroscience major, and I plan on attending physical therapy school after my time at Muhlenberg. I am a part of Hillel, Muhlenberg STAND, and I am a peer tutor for German and Biology. In 2007 I spent a month living with an exchange family in Osnabrück, Germany where I attended a German high school and traveled the country. I work as a Lab Assistant in the Language Learning Center since freshman year and I enjoy helping other students involved with learning foreign languages.
Fall '08 to Spring '12.

Carla DrumheiserCarla Drumheiser '11
Student Lab Assistant
Language: German

My name is Carla Drumheiser, and I am a Senior here at Muhlenberg College.  I am a business major with a concentration in Marketing. Last semester, I spent the Spring 2010 semester studying and interning in Washington, D.C.  I have been taking German for three years and love it! This is my second year as a lab assistant and enjoy it tremendously. It’s fun and interesting to be surrounded by so many languages, and I love watching the world news on our Dish Network International TV channels.

Morrow Katherine "Kate" Morrow '11
Student Lab Assistant
Languages: French

My name is Kate Morrow, and I am a Senior here at Muhlenberg and I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I am a double major in Psychology and Studio Art, with concentrations in sculpture and photography. and I hope to continue my studies in graduate school and eventually earn a Ph.D. I have been fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe several times. I took French for many years, and spent the spring semester 2010 in Florence, Italy where I also studied the Italian language. I was overjoyed and excited to be able to live there for four months, truly embracing and absorbing Italian culture. Some of my passions include music, food, and dogs. I also play racquetball, and cook with friends. I'm proud to say that I've worked as a language lab assistant all four years at Muhlenberg! I really enjoy my position here in the Language Lerning Center, as I get to work with both students and faculty alike on a regular basis. Some of my responsibilities in the lab have included presented information at the "Stay Connected: Social Media & Digital Spaces" workshop, and converting old Russian art slides into digital files. There are dozens of important resources on campus, and I'm proud to play a role in one by helping the language department give students the best academic experience possible.

Rozenberg Maetal Rozenberg '11
Student Lab Assistant
Languages: Hebrew, Spanish and Italian

My name is Maetal Rozenberg and I am currently a Senior at Muhlenberg. I am double majoring in Biology and Spanish and plan on going to Dental School. I am on the executive board of Hillel and am a member of Best Buddies, Delta Zeta, Peer Tutoring and a volunteer at the Caring Place. I love learning languages and I was thrilled to spend my fall semester (2009) studying abroad in Argentina. I was born and raised in Israel for 13 years and am fluent in Hebrew, Spanish and am proficient in Italian. I enjoy working in the Language Lab because I am surrounded by friendly staff, I can help my peers with languages and can get a better understanding of the Foreign Language Department.

Ide Justine Ide '10
Student Lab Assistant
Languages: French

My name is Justine Ide and I'm from Sellersville, Pennsylvania. At Muhlenberg, I’ve been working in the Language Learning Center since my sophomore year. It has been a great experience for me, especially helping people who are trying to learn other languages. On campus, I'm the treasurer of the Disciple Makers Christian Fellowship. My faith in a loving, forgiving God motivates me to truly care about others, and serve them as well as I can. One way of helping others, that I've always had a passion for, is teaching people about the world around them. This is very important to me, because I believe that the Lord reveals his character through creation, so the more a person understands about the world, the better they will be able to understand Him. So I want to be as involved in the learning community as possible. I'm also a Learning Assistant for General Physics and I tutor high school students in Allentown. After graduation, I plan to continue studying either at seminary to become a Christian counselor, or at graduate school to become a Physics professor.

litman Ross Litman '10
Student Lab Assistant
Languages: Hebrew, Latin and Spanish

My name is Ross Litman and I am from New Rochelle, NY (a suburb of New York City). I am currently a junior about to enter the senior year and am majoring in Political Science and minoring in Business Administration. This is my third year in the Language Learning Center and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am well versed in Hebrew, Latin, and basic Spanish. I am a member of both Cystic Fibrosis on Campus and Hillel. I am actively involved in College Democrats and sit on their Executive Board as Secretary. I am also the Muhlenberg Weekly’s Photo Editor and a tutor for Statistical Methods. I always enjoy language learning and the LLC gives me a chance to sample it on a daily basis. Also, helping peers allows me to grow and learn as a young adult.

Yekaterina Pocherstnik '10 Yekaterina "Kathy" Pocherstnik '10
Student Lab Assistant ~ Fall '06 to Spring '09
Academic Resources Presidential Assistant ~ Fall '09 to Spring '10
Languages: Russian and Spanish

My name is Kathy Pocherstnik, I am from N.J, and this is my second year working in the Language Lab. For my study abroad experience, I spent the fall semester of my junior year at the University of Maastricht, Netherlands. At Muhlenberg, I'm pursuing a major in Business Administration and a double-minor in Spanish and Russian Studies. I also hope to go to Graduate School to further my education. I was born in Belarus and I'm fluent in Russian -- I took Russian classes in order to advance in proficiency, and I am now a new member of the Dobro Slovo Honor Society. Because I have a passion for the Spanish language, and choose to cater my semester long abroad experience to my Business Major, I hope to spent this summer in Seville, Spain studying the Spanish language and immersing myself in the rich culture.

Jason Rattino '09 Jason Rattino '09
Student Lab Assistant
Languages: Italian

My name is Jay Rattino and am from North Jersey. At Muhlenberg, I am an Accounting and Economics double major and I'm part of the Student Council here on Campus. I wish to work internationally in a Big Four accounting firm in the future. To improve my limited Italian skills, I spent the fall semester of 2007 in Ferrara, Italy. I have great interest in travel and plan to do much of it in the future. I' am very close with my family: my father, Dean, is a police officer while my mother, Karen, is an administrative assistant. My brother, Justin, is a student at Passaic Valley Regional High School currently active in football and tennis. My dog’s name is Primo and he is a muscular, English Bulldog-Bullmastiff beast. I like the New York Giants and New York Mets. I have enjoyed my job as a lab assistant in the Language Learning Center.

Olga Skoropad '09Olga Skoropad '09
Student Lab Assistant ~ Fall '05 to Spring '09
Languages: Russian and French

My name is Olga Skoropad and I am from Roxbury, NJ. At Muhlenberg, I am majoring in Economics and hope to go to graduate school for my PhD next year. I am on the Muhlenberg Women's Tennis team and I'm involved in many community service activities here on campus. Besides tennis, I enjoy learning new languages and traveling abroad. I spent my junior fall semester abroad in the Netherlands. I am a native speaker of Russian and am proficient in French.

 Adam Carter '08 Adam Carter '09
Student Lab Assistant
Languages: Spanish

My name is Adam Carter and I am from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. At Muhlenberg, I am active in Cross Country and Track and Field. I am a Spanish major and am looking to major in Environmental Science as well. I enjoy learning about new cultures and seeing foreign places. After graduating, I intend to enter the Peace Corp. The Language Learning Center gives me one more opportunity to be around the things I enjoy learning about the most.

Alexandra Goncharova '07  Alexandra Goncharova '07
(Student Assistant)
Languages: French and Russian

My name is Alex. I graduated from Annie Wright School, Seattle, WA in 2003. I enjoy traveling and exploring other cultures, I am hoping to major in Business and a Foreign Language. Working in the Language Learning Center has been a great experience because I get a chance to speak and learn different languages and assist other people in doing the same. I have been studying French for several years and being able to speak the language with other students in the lab really added to the experience. It is my first semester at Muhlenberg and so far my experience has been wonderful. I am very thankful that Muhlenberg has the computer lab as a resource for the study of Foreign Languages.

Kristen Srnecz '07 Kristen Srnecz '07
(Student Assistant)
Languages: Russian and French

My name is Kristen. I enjoy working at the Language Learning Center because it has many resources for students in beginner and advanced levels of foreign language acquisition. The lab is also one of the best places on campus to do work because it is quiet and the staff is so friendly. Working here gives me a chance to see the scope of the learning in the Department of Literatures, Languages, and Cultures. I am working towards majors in French and Russian Studies here at Muhlenberg College. In the future, I would like to pursue linguistic studies at a more advanced level

Anna Tabachnik '07 Anna Tabachnik '07
(Student Assistant)
Languages: Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Spanish

I graduated from Westfield High School in Westfield, NJ in 2003. At Muhlenberg College I am working towards a Dual Degree in Mathematics and Accounting and hopefully one day will be working in accounting with an international focus. Languages have always fascinated me so working at the Language Learning Center is a wonderful experience to get to learn and assist students in multiple foreign languages. I’ve had experience with Russian while growing up, Spanish in high school and here, a limited amount of Hebrew in high school, and will be studying Italian in Rome in the Spring of 2006. There are plenty of opportunities in learning other interesting languages with the resources available at the lab as well.

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