Induction Ceremony for the 2012 Language Honor Societies
French, German, Russian, and Spanish
February 12, 2012

Phi Sigma Iota 2012

Photo Album
Senior Honor Presentations

Greetings from the Chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Dr. Joan F. Marx

Guest Speaker
Dr. Albert Kipa
B. A., City College of New York
A.M., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Initiation Ceremonies
Dr. Albert Kipa (Delta Phi Alpha)
Dr. Luba Iskold (Dobro Slovo)
Prof. Mirna Trauger (Phi Sigma Iota)

Phi Sigma Iota Officers
Scott Miller
Frank Cabrera
Jamie Shapiro
Lynn Bachalany




New Members

Delta Phi Alpha
Frank DeAndrea
Nicholas Housel
Kelsea Reel

Dobro Slovo

Anne Cawley
Barri DeFrancisci
Evelina Eyzerovich*

Phi Sigma Iota
French and Spanish
Amy Asendorf*
Jeffrey Brancato
Robert Buesser
Melinda Clemmer
Kristen Danner
Shelby Doll
Alexandra Eisig
Brittany Fowler* 
Kelsey Gamble
Abigail Gilmore
Renee Hopkins
Rachel Jakubowitcz
Leah Kirby
Ryan Lindsay
Allison Lundquist
Lisa Peterson
Elizabeth Reese
Michelle Rifkin*
Lindsey Roessler
Katie Sarisohn
Lindsey Shantzer
Rebecca Sharp
Nathan Squire
Emily Stockton-Brown
Caitlin Teegarden
Elena Voonasis
Corey Winkler
* inducted in absentia