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Language and culture at Muhlenberg:
Latin students speak up!

I have been taking Latin since 6th grade. I don't recall exactly why I chose Latin; however, I do not regret it. Latin has improved my vocabulary... Over the years, I have gained a growing appreciation for history and have found Roman/Greek history of particular interest.
Lindsay Goward '03

I wanted to be more prepared to take the verbal section of the SATs and thought that learning Latin would assist in this... I was able to make better educated guesses with unfamiliar words. And in the sciences, while I have not used it extensively yet, I definitely recognize common roots.

I think Latin has made me a better, more aware English student. I am more conscious of sentence structure having learned some grammar via Latin.
Naomi Anderson '03

I think Latin is a necessity in liberal arts, merely for the fact that it broadens your education... It is a difficult language but once you grasp it, you accomplish a challenge that only people who master this language can relate to.
Sarah Stitzer '02


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