Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Faculty Newsletter, Spring 2002

Professors Lisa Perfetti and Erika M.Sutherland, co-editors

Dr. Luba Iskold attended the annual international CALICO (Computer Assisted Language Learning Consortium) Conference "Creating Virtual Language Learning Communities" hosted by the University of California at Davis. She moderated a panel discussion "Using the Proven, Proving the New: Convergence of Language Learning and Research." Dr. Iskold is currently participating in a semester-long PEP (Public Engagement Project) seminar for faculty. Her research project this summer will focus on immigrant writers in post-World War II US literature. Both the seminar participation and the summer research project will result in a new First Year Seminar entitled "Strangers in Paradise" which she will offer in the fall. Dr. Iskold continues her work on the departmental home page. This year, she designed and supervised the development of the new Russian Studies home page.

Dr. Albert Kipa co-authored two articles this year: "Lessing in Ukraine," which appeared in the Lessing Yearbook, 2000 and "Zehn Jahre Unabhängigkeit: Ein Blick auf die heutige Ukraine," (Ten Years of Independence: Ukraine Today) published in liberal 4/2001, a publication of the FDP, Germany's Free Democratic Party. At the Fourth Annual Conference of Scholars of the Eastern European Institute recently held at Midland Lutheran College, Dr. Kipa's presentation was entitled "Contra Spem Spero: A Feminine Voice in Ukrainian Literature." In addition to his responsibilities as head of the Department, he continues to serve as vice-president and Editorial Board member of the N.Y.C.-based Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in the U.S.

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