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Faculty Newsletter, Spring 2003

Dr. Erika M.Sutherland, editor

Dr. Luba Iskold published four articles this year: “Integrating Language Culture and Technology” appeared in the Winter 2002 issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly; “Comenius: 400 Years of Language Pedagogy” was published in The Forum, the PSMLA journal; “Theoretical Perspectives on Second Language Learning” in the Spring 2003 issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly, and “Building on Success, Learning from Mistakes: Implications for the Future Research” which will come out this Spring in The CALL Journal, one of the major European journals for research in computer assisted language learning. Her article “Electronic Resources for FLES Programs: focus on Russian” was published in the Newsletter of PSMLA. The brief overview was prepared with the assistance of Zoya Feldman ‘04 and Kelly Keiper ‘04. Dr. Iskold attended the Tenth International CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) Conference at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, last August. Together with Dr. Pearce she presented a paper entitled “Learning from Mistakes, Building on Success.” Dr. Iskold offered a new first year seminar entitled “Strangers in Paradise.” This course was inspired by her participation in the Public Engagement Project and summer research on immigrant writers in post-World War II US literature.

Dr. Albert Kipa area of research specialization is Germano-Slavic literary relations and his most recent study in the field, “Lesia Ukrainka and Goethe,” is scheduled for publication this year. In addition to his responsibilities as head of the Department, he serves as campus Fulbright Advisor and faculty representative on the Dean’s Ad Hoc Committee on Learning Disabilities. Last year he participated in the inauguration ceremonies and conference of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, lectured at the Shevchenko Scientific Society in Lviv and at the Ukrainian Free University in Munich on “The Life and Work of Wadym Kipa (1912-1968),” his father, a prominent Ukrainian pianist, composer, professor of Music, and Laureate of the Soviet Union. Last fall, Prof. Kipa attended an advisory council meeting of the St. Sophia Association of Ukrainian Byzantine Rite Catholics in Rome, Italy, at the invitation of the Church’s Patriarch, Cardinal Lubomyr Huzar. He also continues to serve as vice-president and Editorial Board member of the N.Y.C.-based Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in the U.S.

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