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Faculty Newsletter, Spring 2004

Dr. Erika M.Sutherland, editor

Dr. Luba Iskold continued her research in language learning and technology. Two of her articles came out this year: “Theoretical Perspectives on Second Language Learning” in Academic Exchange Quarterly, and “Building on Success, Learning from Mistakes: Implications for the Future” in The C.A.L.L. Journal. In November, Dr. Iskold attended the annual ACTFL conference. She is on the CALICO planning committee for pre- and in-service teacher certification in CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning). Dr. Iskold also attended a PSMLA meeting on new Pennsylvania standards for FL teacher certification. She is currently developing a new course in linguistics which will be offered for the first time in 2005. Her current research is focused on effective uses of digital video for language instruction. This semester she is conducting an empirical study with her students of Russian. The findings from this study will be presented at the annual international CALICO symposium at Carnegie Mellon in June 2004. Her paper is entitled “Bridging Theory and Practice: Research Based Listening Tasks for Video Comprehension.” Dr. Iskold continues advising her FYS students, Russian Studies majors/minors, and the Russian Club. She organized several field trips, including a trip to the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and Kandinsky art exhibit at New York’s Guggenheim Museum, and an evening poetry reading by Yevgeniy Yevtushenko at Lehigh University.

Dr. Albert Kipa, head of the Department, continues to serve as campus Fulbright Advisor and faculty representative on the Dean’s Ad Hoc Committee on Learning Disabilities. He also remains vice-president and Editorial Board member of the N.Y.C.-based Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in the U.S. Last June he participated in the annual Ukranian Conference at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champlain as speaker and session moderator. He spoke on “Lesia Ukrainka and Goethe” and “The Archives of the Ukrainian Academy in New York City: History, Uniqueness and Current Challenges.” He is also co-compiler of the “André von Gronicka” entry in the Internationales Germanistenlexikon 1800-1950, recently published by Walter de Gruyter.

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