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The Department is proud to feature monthly profiles of Media & Communication Department Alums, describing their individual career paths and sharing tips with students on how to plan for their own future careers. Profiles focus on the wide range of careers that our liberal arts oriented program has helped to launch. 

This month the spotlight is on Network Communications with Allie Schnall, class of 2008.

Allie Schnall

Allie Schnall

With a daily start time of 7:45AM, Allie Schnall '08 quickly realized that working in the entertainment business isn’t always glamorous.

As the Communications Coordinator at Oxygen, an increasingly successful network owned by NBC, Allie thought she had landed her dream job. Every day, she was tasked with pulling press clippings related to the network. Allie was responsible for making sure that others knew what was going on in popular culture and how Oxygen figured into the entertainment world.

Within eight months of working for the network, Allie was fortunate to have the opportunity to manage interns, build relationships with media contacts, select promotional clips for Oxygen’s shows, and write press releases. Despite having these opportunities, Allie realized that her dream job wasn’t what she wanted anymore.

Flash forward and Allie is now a campaign manager for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Allie is directly involved with event planning, fundraising, and development for the LLS. She is currently planning the Light the Night Walk in which she is able to be in contact with team captains and is strategizing a campaign for Man & Woman of the Year. Today, Allie works directly with people for a cause she cares deeply about. It seems that Allie has come full circle, having been the first chairperson for Colleges Against Cancer here at Muhlenberg and now working for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Allie’s days at the LLS are never the same; things are always changing and evolving, which is something Allie has come to thrive on. Working with people, writing, and seeing plans come to fruition, Allie looks forward to work every day, despite no longer working in the entertainment business. From her experiences, Allie has come to realize that “looking past your title, you have to like what you’re doing.”

Muhlenberg College figured prominently in Allie’s development. She credits Muhlenberg with teaching her how to think and form a larger opinion. It was during her time at Muhlenberg that Allie gained practical, real world experience and knowledge that has directly impacted her life. Allie’s work with Colleges Against Cancer not only prepared her for her current job at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, it also gave her experience leading committees, planning events, and utilizing public relations, which was Allie’s passion long before she came to Muhlenberg.

Allie always wanted to work in PR, and even though she does not work for a public relations agency, she says that PR plays an important role in her job. Allie says that “really good employees are publicists, whether they know it or not.” With this in mind, Allie took advantage of the opportunities to enhance her own public relations skills by interning with BWR Public Relations and CBS while she was still a student at Muhlenberg; these experiences strengthened her candidacy when she applied for the NBC Page Program, an opportunity Allie credits as one of the most influential experiences in her life. Now, Allie uses PR daily, in her interactions with others and in her promotion of the LLS events. Allie says, “everything I did impacted me for the better,” and she credits the windy road she took for making her the person she is today.

Allie’s advice for students is simple: “you might end up where you think you want to be and realize that it’s not for you, but take all of the value you can from the experiences you have.” Though her road to success was indirect and full of twists and turns, Allie firmly believes that the each of her work experiences, though not what she initially thought they would be, have led her to career and a job that she truly loves. Allie encourages students to participate in internships where they constantly go the extra mile to do things better than what is asked, for that is when you can truly impress. Most importantly, though, Allie reminds students that “you get to write your own book, and all of the pages are blank right now. Have fun with it, and don’t be discouraged if things don’t work out the way you thought they would.”

This alumna profile was written by Melissa Bodnar '13.

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