Media & Communication Department



Muhlenberg College/Dublin City University

What courses will I take in Dublin?

Students will take 4 courses:

  • 1 Media & Communication course taught by the Muhlenberg faculty member
  • 1 internship in a Media and Communication-related field (such as television, radio, video production, film, public relations, advertising, web marketing)
  • 2 Media & Communication electives

Are there program prerequisites?

  • COM201 - Media & Society
  • COM231 - Documentary Research
  • Highly recommended (but not required): COM301 - Media Theory & Methods

How are travel arrangements handled?

A designated airport pick-up day and time will be determind with the Media & Communication department.

How much does the Dublin program cost?

Students are charged Muhlenberg College tuition and room fees. Spending money should be sufficient to cover food, entertainment, travel and additional costs associated with international travel.

Is Financial Aid available?

Students will receive the same financial aid package for which they would otherwise be eligible. That is, there is no reduction in financial aid based on program participation.

Where can I learn more?

You can read a brochure created by our study abroad office, or you can contact faculty in the Media & Communication department.

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