Media & Communication Department



Muhlenberg College/Dublin City University

Muhlenberg College offers a semester-long study abroad at Dublin City University (DCU) located in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Muhlenberg’s semester program in Dublin is especially designed for students majoring in Media and Communication, but is open to all students meeting program prerequisites.

Dublin City University Study Abroad: FAQ

The Academic Program:

Students will take 4 courses:

  • 1 Media & Communication course taught by the Muhlenberg faculty member
  • 1 internship in a Media and Communication-related field (such as television, radio, video production, film, public relations, advertising, web marketing)
  • 2 Media & Communication electives

Program Prerequisites:

  • COM201 - Media & Society
  • COM231 - Documentary Research
  • Highly recommended (but not required): COM301 - Media Theory & Methods

Program Support:

There will be DCU contact person available for students, and for the first 8 weeks, the Muhlenberg faculty member will be there. DCU orientation is 3-5 days.

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