Media & Communication Department



Equipment & Facilities

The Department of Media and Communication, housed in Walson Hall, provides state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that give students hands-on experiences with a range of multimedia technologies and practices.

Walson Hall features four production and post-production environments: a multimedia studio, a classroom with 16 iMac computers with an array of multimedia editing software, 2 post-production labs with Apple computers, and 2 sound recording booths. The studio is available on a reservation basis outside of regularly scheduled classes for video and photography shoots, music recording, and other multimedia production purposes.

Students have access to a variety of high-end production equipment including an array of professional digital video cameras, digital audio recorders, a variety of directional and omnidirectional microphones, lighting kits and tripod systems, and various production accessories. To reserve equipment, students need to be currently enrolled in or have already successfully completed relevant production coursework and training, or have instructor permission.


Equipment Reservations

Access to and use of equipment and facilities is on a reservation basis. Students currently enrolled in production courses have priority scheduling. Otherwise, reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Equipment reservation hours are Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm. Reservations may be made in person with Stephanie Ramsay in the Media and Communication office in Walson Hall. Scheduling at least 48 hours in advance is the most effective way to assure the equipment is available when you need it.

For loaned equipment items, safety and security is the responsibility of the borrower. The borrower assumes responsibility for any damage, loss or theft. Should equipment damage or loss occur, the borrower will be responsible for the repair or replacement costs.


Technical Assistance

Anthony Dalton is the Digital Cultures Technical Assistant and is available to provide technical assistance to students and faculty daily.   484-664-3871