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Documentary Fieldwork:
CUNA Digital Photography Project

In my Documentary Fieldwork class, I have discovered that in order to contribute to the social good, students at Muhlenberg need to be collaborating with the Allentown community to affect social change. Therefore, this CUNA Digital Photography Project provided an opportunity to value what I have learned as a communication documentarian and to tie these skills to the Allentown community. The project consists of children from Center City Allentown taking photographs of community problems. By utilizing the program Adobe Photoshop, the children will think of possible solutions to these problems and change their pictures to what they envision a "better Allentown." Finally, they will be displayed in the Art Museum this June. Not only have I learned how to use a new software program, but I also began important conversations with students about various issues in their community. Through the collaborative efforts of Muhlenberg students and the children of Allentown, hopefully the community problems can be avoided with these visual solutions.