Department of Political Science


Brian MelloBrian Mello

Associate Professor of Political Science 

Contact Information:
Ettinger Hall 308D


Courses Taught Fall 2013:

  • PSC 103 Introduction to Comparative Government & International Relations
  • PSC 242 Introduction to Conflict & Peace Studies
  • FYS 140 Exploring Anarchy


M.A., Ph.D. University of Washington, Seattle
B.A. Fairfield University


Dr. Mello’s areas of study include comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and the politics of social movements. Dr. Mello’s research focuses generally on politics in Europe and in the Middle East, and in particular on Turkish politics. His research examines such subjects as the impact of labor movement activism in Turkey, Great Britain, the United States and Japan; international norms of women’s rights as human rights; the affect of civil-military relations on Islamic politics in Turkey; and the causes and consequences of the Arab Spring.

He has conducted extensive research in Turkey during the spring of 2004, interviewing union leaders in Istanbul, Ankara, and in the coal mining regions of the Black Sea coast, and then again during the summer of 2008, conducting archival research on the history of women’s rights activism in Turkey at both the Parliamentary Library in Ankara and the Women’s Library in Istanbul.

Together with Dr. Mark Stein, Dr. Mello has designed a Muhlenberg Integrated Learning Abroad (MILA) course that includes a two week travel experience in Turkey.

In addition, Dr. Mello has taught a first-year seminar on HBO’s hit show, The Wire, and will be teaching a new first year seminar on anarchist thought.


Evaluating Social Movement Impacts Book CoverBook:

Evaluating Social Movement Impacts: Comparative Lessons from the Labor Movement in Turkey. Forthcoming from Bloomsbury


“Preaching to the Apathetic and Uninterested.” (co-authored with Angelique Davis). Journal for Civic Commitment (March 2012).

“Islamic Political Mobilization in Turkey.” In History, Politics, and Foreign Policy in Turkey. Kiliç Buğra Kanat, Kadir Üstün, and Nuh Yilmaz (eds.) Ankara: SETA Foundation, 2011.

“Social Movements, Norm Cascades, and Women’s Rights Outside of the West.” (co-authored with Michael Strausz). Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy (November 2011).

“Communists and Compromisers: Explaining Divergences within Turkish Labor Activism, 1960-1980.” European Journal of Turkish Studies (October 2010).

“Political Process and the Development of Labor Insurgency in Turkey, 1945-1980.” Social Movement Studies. (November 2007).

Recasting the Right to Self-Determination: Group Rights and Political Participation.” Social Theory and Practice. (April 2004).