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Instructions and forms for studies conducted IN PERSON:

Before conducting research at Muhlenberg, you must have ethics approval.  Download the Psychology Department (expedited) ETHICS application form here.

Before conducting your study, please read this document (PDF) for general instructions

  • Sign-Up Sheets
    • Use this template.
    • Put the length of time required to complete the study on the sign-up sheet (e.g., 7:00-7:20).
      • Be as accurate as possible when stating the time commitment, but err on the side of requesting too much time. Imagine how long it might take the slowest person to complete the study and post that length of time.
      • The minimum time requirement you may list on your sign-up sheets is 15 minutes.
    • Experimenters may not highlight, qualify, or otherwise emphasize the amount of time their study takes on the sign-up form.
      • E.g., you may not write “Most finish in just 5 minutes!" or  "Get one whole study completed in just 5 minutes!”

  • Informed Consent
    • Unless an exemption is explicitly discussed and approved in your Ethics review, your study should include written informed consent. Use the standard template

  • Giving Participants LOC Credit
      • Experimenters will give credit by using a department issued stamp to stamp the Research Card for each participant. Stamps will be issued after you receive ethics approval.
        • Bring your ethics approval to the Psychology Office. Mrs. Larimer will issue you a unique stamp only after she sees the ethics approval.
        • Do not lose the stamp. Treat it like money and secure it accordingly. There is a penalty for losing the stamp.
      • To grant credit, stamp the participant's card and write your initials.
        • Research cards must have the participant's name written in ink before you stamp the card.
        • Experimenters will be given extra Research Cards for participants who forget theirs. However, you should ask to see college ID (if you do not know the participant) prior to providing a new card. The name on the ID must match the name on the Research Card. Again, the participant needs to write their name in ink before you stamp their card.

    • Debriefing
      • All participants in all studies must be provided with a written debriefing form that contains the experimenter’s on-contact information. Use this template.

    • Record Keeping
      • Researchers should keep a record of the names of all participants and the date of participation. This record should be stored separately from participant data. The purpose is to have evidence of participation if a student loses his or her Research Card and asks you to stamp another card.
      • Informed consent statements should be turned in to Psychology Department office (Moyer 227) for safe-keeping