Psychology Department


Major Requirements for the Class of 2015, 2014, 2013 (and earlier)

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Note: Students who began attending Muhlenberg with the Classes of 2015 - 2008 should follow the major requirements indicated below. If you entered with the Class of 2016 or later, you should follow the new major requirements.

The psychology major was designed around the Mission Statements for the college and the Psychology Department. It is designed to give students a wide range of options, to provide a solid foundation and breadth in psychology, and to emphasize psychology as a research-oriented discipline. This view of psychology as an empirical science is emphasized in all of the classes in the major, and students are encouraged to get involved in conducting their own research and/or help a professor with his or her research. Opportunities for internships are also available for juniors and seniors with the proper qualifications. Highly motivated students may also apply to the Senior Thesis Program.

In total, psychology majors take at least 10 psychology courses. Many students take more than 10 by the time they graduate. A minor in psychology is not offered, but students from other majors across the college are welcome to take any psychology course for which they have the pre-requisites. Majors are required to take:

PSY101: Introductory Psychology

PSY103: Psychological Statistics (and its math pre-req)

PSY104: Research Methods in Psychology

Three Core Courses (1 from each area)

Fundamental Processes

PSY 212: Learning and Behavior
PSY 214: Sensation and Perception
PSY 215: Biological Psychology

Social and Personality Courses

PSY 220: Social Psychology
PSY 232: Personality Psychology
PSY 221: Multicultural Psychology

Clinical and Developmental Courses

PSY 230: Child Development
PSY 231: Adolescent Development
PSY 240: Abnormal Psychology

Two Advanced Courses and Seminars

PSY 311: Cognitive Processes
PSY 320: History of Psychology
PSY 340: Psychotherapy & Counseling
PSY 341: Psychological Assessment
PSY 322: Psychology of Women
PSY 330: Developmental Psychopathology
PSY 312: Psychopharmacology
PSY 410: Memory and Amnesia
PSY 425: Contemporary Racism
PSY 436: Existential Psychology
PSY 430: Development: Inclusion-Exclusion
PSY 440: Clinical Case Studies
PSY 441: Health Psychology
PSY 38x, 48x: Special Topics

Additional Choices:
BUS 360, 361: Organizational Behavior
                 (for psych majors, PSY 101 is the only pre-requisite)
EDU 201: Special Ed: Diverse Learners/Inclusive Classrooms (for EDU students only)

One Advanced Research & Design course

PSY 490: Advanced Research in Psychology (CUE)

One additional psychology course chosen as an elective
(Pre-K-4 Ed students may count EDU 104 or 105 as an elective.)

Students may also want to consider:

PSY 270: Research Apprenticeship
(Note: .5 credit; does not count for major; Pass/Fail only)

PSY 960: Psychology Internship
PSY 970: Independent Study/Research
PSY 975/976: Senior Thesis
(Note: 1 credit of 960, 970, 975/976 can count for major as elective.)

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For Major Requirements for students entering with the class of 2016 or after, click here.