Public Health Minor Program


Minor Requirements for the Class of 2014

Minor Requirements for the Class of 2015


Minor Requirements (Class of 2016 and beyond)

1. Introduction and Overview of Public Health:
PBH-200: Issues in Public Health

2. Knowledge of Statistics:
MTH 104 Statistical Methods OR
MTH 119 Statistical Analysis OR
MTH 332 Mathematical Statistics II OR
PSY 103 Psychological Statistics

3. Knowledge of human living systems and how they connect to society:

Students must take one courses from List A.

BIO 101 Human Biology, Science, and Society
BIO 107 Concepts of Biology: From DNA to Cancer

BIO 109 Bubonic Plague to AIDS
BIO 111Concepts of Biology: Crisis Earth
BIO 118 Concepts of Biology:  Genes, Genomes, and Society
BIO 151 Principles of Biology II: Cells & Organisms
CHM 101 Chemistry of the Environment
ESC 111 Topics in Environmental Science
ESC 113 Environmental Science I

4. Knowledge of the social, behavioral, cultural, and economic context of public health:

Students must take a combination of four (4) courses from Lists B and C. The courses must be from at least three (3) different disciplines and at least two (2) courses must be from List B and at least one (1) course must be from List C.

Note: PBH  960  Internship  or  PBH  970  Independent  Study/Research  OR Practicum, Internship, Independent Study/Research in another related discipline approved by the program director, may be taken for credit toward the List C requirement, but at least one additional course from List C must also be taken.

LIST B (Courses Concerning Health, Medicine or Disease)

COM 334 Health Communication
ECN 243 Health Care Economics
HST 143 Introduction to History: Epidemic America
HST 345 Disease & Medicine in American History
HST 347 History of Public Health in America
PHL 241 Biomedical Ethics
PSC 213 Public Health Policy
PSY 240 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 441 Health Psychology
SOC 317 Sociology of Health
SUS 350 Environmental & Cultural Conservation in Costa Rica

LIST C (Related Electives)

BUS 260 Marketing in Not for Profit Organizations
COM 336 Environmental Communication
HST 341 Environmental History of the United States
HST 373 Environmental History of Latin America

PHL 246 Environmental Philosophy
PSC 216 Environmental Politics & Policy Making
PSC 219 or 220 Public Administration
SOC 320 Environmental Sociology

PBH 960 or PBH 970 Practicum or Independent Study or Independent Research or Internship OR  a Practicum, Independent Study, Independent Research or Internship in another related discipline approved by the program director.