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Before joining the sociology department at Muhlenberg in 2006, I received my B.A. from California State University, Northridge, a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Washington and my Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.   I also worked for many years as a health educator and policy analyst between and while pursuing my degrees.  My research and teaching interests are grounded in my professional experience and include sexuality, gender, health and qualitative and historical research methods.  Most of my work has focused on reproductive health, including family planning and abortion, and on AIDS.  In particular, my work explores the process by which health policy constructs meaning about sexuality and gender, how this meaning is implemented through public health practices and then how these meanings and practices influence individual behavior.  Currently, I am working on a project that examines how international AIDS prevention policy attempts to impose single, unified concepts of “good” sex and of gender, using Malawi as a case study.  The goal of my teaching is to help students explore their assumptions, their identities and their place in the world using sociological knowledge, theory and methodologies.  It is my role as a teacher and mentor to establish a learning environment and relationship with students that supports both the acquisition of knowledge and personal development.

Selected Awards
Recipient, Robert C. Williams Award for distinguished scholarship and research, Muhlenberg College (2012)

Recipient, ASA Sociology of Sexualities Distinguished Article Award, Honorable Mention (2011)

Recipient, African Regional Research Program Grant, Fulbright Scholar Program. (2006-2007)

Fellow, Sexuality & Policy Postdoctoral Fellowship, Social Science Research Council (2005-2006)

Selected Publications

2013: Under contract: Sexuality, Social Processes and Global HIV Prevention. New York: Oxford University Press

2013 "Good Sex/Bad Sex. The Individualized Focus of US Global HIV - Prevention Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1995-2005."Sociology of Health & Illness, 35(1).
2012 "The Right to Say No. Gender Empowerment in US Global HIV - Prevention Policy," in Understanding Global Sexualities.  New Frontiers. Peter Aggleton, Paul Boyce, Henrietta L. Moore and Richard Parker (eds.) New York: Routledge.
2010 Esacove, A. “Love Matches. Heteronormativity, Modernity and AIDS Prevention in Malawi.” Gender & Society, 24(1).
2007 Esacove, A. "Making Sense of Sex. Moving Beyond Intentionality." Culture, Health and Sexuality, 10(4): 337-390.
2004 Esacove, A.  Dialogic framing: The framing/counterframing of ‘partial-birth’ abortion.”  Sociological Inquiry, 74(1): 70-101
2002 Esacove, A & Andringa, K.  “The process of preventing childbearing:  Women’s experiences and emergency contraceptive use.”  Qualitative Health Research, 12(9):1235-1247