The Department of Sociology & Anthropology


"The State(s) of China:
From Oracle Bones to the Hard Rock Cafe"

Includes 3 week trip to Beijing and Shanghai

Oracle Bones

The earliest Chinese oracle bones can be traced to approximately 2400 BC; religious specialists in divination rituals directed at royal personages used the art of writing signs on bones, applying heat to the bone to crack it, and then interpreting the pattern of cracking to foretell the future (Wenke 1999).

HardRock cafe

Opened on July 1st, 2003 in Beijing

What is the relationship between art and society? How does globalization affect the emergence of new forms of nationalism in China? How has local artistic practice mirrored the cultural, economic and political changes taking place across China? What does the new global interest in Chinese art teach us about China and about the global art market? This seminar considers these questions and more in the context of a changing China using sociology and art as lenses. In addition to weekly readings/discussions and art projects, students and professors will visit China during a three-week short-term study abroad experience that involves participation in creative interdisciplinary fieldwork projects. If you are interested…things to note....