The Department of Sociology & Anthropology


Senior Symposium

In the Spring of each academic year, the department's graduating seniors present the results of research that they conducted over the course of the capstone Senior Seminar in Sociology & Anthropology at the annual Senior Symposium. It is the culminating experience of two years' work that begins with students drafting their proposals in Research Design (SOC 311 / ATH 311) in the Fall of their junior year. The proposal is developed further in the second semester, as students continue their study of methodology (SOC 312 / ATH 313 or ATH 314). They then carry out the research in the Spring of their senior year in the capstone seminar, a research practicum in which students develop their projects in a collaborative environment and in close consultation with the instructor/advisor for the seminar.

The Senior Symposium, held every May, provides those students with a professional opportunity to gain experience in presenting data to an academic community, a skill that is highly valued in graduate programs of study.

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