The Department of Sociology & Anthropology


Senior Symposium, Spring 2006

Dr. Janine ChiOn May 4, 2006, the Department of Sociology & Anthropology hosted its third annual Senior Research Symposium. At the event, students presented the results of research that they conducted over the course of the capstone Senior Seminar in Sociology & Anthropology during the Spring 2006 semester. Dr. Janine Chi led that seminar and introduced the program at the Symposium.

Students draft their proposals in the Fall Research Methodology I course, and carry out the research in their senior year during the Spring capstone seminar. The Senior Symposium, held every May, provides those students with a professional opportunity to gain experience in presenting data to an academic community, a skill that is highly valued in graduate programs of study.

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Adam Schieffer Adam Schieffer
"What's Cookin'? Cherokee Subsistence In Light Of European Influence (AD 1300 - AD 1907)"

Jordana Boydstun  Jordana Boydstun
"In The Dark: Colonialism Through Tourism in Bonair"

Erin O'Reilly   Erin O'Reilly
"National Identity, the Tourist, & the "Real" South Africa: Selling Tourism in the new South Africa"

Jonathan Roman   Jonathan Roman
"Gold Diggers: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Politics, Nationalism, and Identity in the 2006 Winter Olympics"

Ted GordonTed Gordon
"Migration and Identity Transformation: A Study of Latino Panethnic relations in the Lehigh Valley"

Elena Tardanico Elena Tardanico
"I'm a Theatre Major and all of My Friends are Too!; Exploring Friendship Networks at Muhlenberg College"

Lara SwansonLara Swanson
"Building the Future or Building Our Resumes?: An Examination of Student Perceptions on Community Service Participation at Muhlenberg College"

Elizabeth GoliniElizabeth Golini
"It's All One: Studying the Effects of "Live to Tell" on the Social Perceptions of the Participants and the Muhlenberg College Community"

Simon Schaffer - GoldmanSimon Schaffer - Goldman
"Don't Bogart that Joint, My Friend: A study of the relationships and transactions of a social network of drug users at Muhlenberg College"

Anna Norman
"Positive Talk or Pointless Chatter:
The Effect of Parent/Teacher Communication"