The Department of Sociology & Anthropology


Senior Symposium, Spring 2010

GroupOn May 5, 2010,  the Department of Sociology & Anthropology hosted its sixth annual Senior Research Symposium. At the event, students presented the results of research that they conducted over the course of the capstone Senior Seminar during the Spring 2010 semester. Dr. Anne Esacove led that seminar and introduced the program at the Symposium..

Students draft their proposals in the Fall Research Methodology I course, and carry out the research in their senior year during the Spring capstone seminar. The Senior Symposium, held every May, provides those students with a professional opportunity to gain experience in presenting data to an academic community, a skill that is highly valued in graduate programs of study.



Parental Rationality And the Immunization Debate
Thomas Bertorelli



Too Expensive for My Taste: Music Downloaders in a Cultural Hierarchy
Michael Kurtz




Vampires and the Women Who Love Them:
Gender and Sexuality in the ‘Twilight’ Series

Sophy Saunders-Pappentick




“Giving a Crap:” Influences on Student Involvement in Diversity Programming
Anna Stressenger




Tops, Bottoms, and Heteronormativity: Women’s Understandings of Sexual Experiences
Caryn Viverito





Concluding Remarks
Dr. Anne Esacove

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