About Us

World-Class Theatre & Dance Education


On the stage and in the classroom, Muhlenberg's Theatre & Dance Department is all about And.

And is what we do. It's the spirit of Muhlenberg Theatre & Dance — a ‌philosophy, a strategy, a technique.

And is collaboration: director and choreographer, students and faculty, technicians and actors, designers and carpenters, the chorus and the star. And is finding your place in the whole, making your contribution. And is synergy: theatre and dance, Broadway and avant-garde, action and theory, principle and practice, jazz hands and pathos. It's finding the whole that exceeds the sum. It's making connections. And is accomplishment: artistic excellence and student experience, national acclaim and independence of spirit. And is education: knowledge and technique, ideas and work, performing arts and the liberal arts, history and innovation, breadth and depth. And is art: the darkness and the spotlight. The audience and the artist. Us and you. Join us.


Photo: Twelfth Night, 2008; photo by Kenny Ek, Kenek Photography