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Monthly Newsletter: July 2012

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July 2012
Notes From the Directors
New This Fall: Musical Theatre Dance Workshop
Mark Your Calendars
Birthday Corner
Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre
Notes From the Directors

As we gear up for our Fall MCDC season, a question we are often asked is: “What is the appropriate amount of weekly dance training for my child?” Obviously, there are several factors that need to be addressed with regard to this question. How old is your child? How strong is their interest in dance? (Is this just recreational or are they becoming serious about dance?) What other activities is your child involved in? How much time can you commit to training? If your child wants to dance more seriously, then their dance training needs to reflect this as well.

Here are our recommendations. For our beginner students, we highly recommend a weekly ballet class and then possibly one other dance form of their choice (jazz, tap, or modern). Our intermediate students should take one to two ballet classes per week, plus at least one class of another dance form. Our accelerated intermediate dancers should take two ballet classes per week and two classes in another style. Lastly, our advanced students should take two to three ballet classes per week along with two or three other classes they are interested in. As always, please don’t hesitate to speak with us about any questions or concerns you may have with regard to your dancer’s training.

Another important question with regard to your child’s education in dance: “What are some of the long-term benefits of attending dance class regularly?” Dance helps children mature physically through increased range of motion, coordination, strength, flexibility and kinesthetic memory. A child’s cognitive skills are enhanced through the use of improvisation and solving movement ideas posed in class. Dancers learn social awareness through collaborative group work while being challenged to communicate their ideas not only verbally, but physically as well. Children grow in emotional maturity through dance by having the opportunity to express themselves and their emotions through movement. For more information on this topic, please visit the National Dance Education Organization website,

Lisa Bottitta-Busfield
MCDC Educational Director

New This Fall: Musical Theatre Dance Workshop
Join us for our new six-week Musical Theatre Dance Workshop, Sept. 29 through Nov. 10! Classes are Saturdays from noon to 1:15 p.m, and tuition is just $90. Enrollment will be limited. Look for the fall brochure, coming in about two weeks.
Mark Your Calendars

Deadline for Fall Registration: Aug. 24
Early Bird Special: Register by Aug. 10 to have the registration fee waived!
Fall classes begin Sept. 4

Birthday Corner

Happy birthday, MCDC dancers!

1: Kyli Cruz
2: Jaqueline Griffith
2: Alyssa Jamison
7: Julie Damiter
8: Mia Simms
15: Sophia Fadem
19: Olivia Gotthard
23: Julie Sams
24: Anna Edwards
25: Sophia Gotthard
27: Makayla Mason
31: Kai Garcia

7: Maeve Boyer
9: Anna Bigert
14: Preslie Winn
22: Emma Fermier
22: Sabrina Yurconic
22: Jeanne Ritter

Wow! Three birthdays on the same day!

Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre

Don't miss the two remaining shows in a spectacular Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre season!

HMS Pinafore
Gilbert & Sullivan's crowd-pleasing romantic comedy sets sail this summer! Ralph Rackstraw, "the smartest lad in the fleet," is in love with the captain's daughter, Josephine, but her father has a more sophisticated suitor in mind. Will true love prevail?

The production features some exciting choreographic work by AlexJo Natale '12.

Performances are July 11-26 — Wednesday through Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.
Youth tickets are just $18 July 11-14, and just $20 July 15-29.
Family Matinee deal: youth tickets are just $10 with adult ticket purchase.

Harold and the Purple Crayon
Crockett Johnson's beloved children's book springs to life, in this spectacular adaptation by Enchantment Theatre Company. Follow Harold's adventures as he creates the world around him with his trusty purple crayon, exploring oceans, braving dragons, and finding friendship. Enchantment's adaptation tells the storyt hrough dance, narration, and imagination, with unique magically animated scenery!

Now through July 28

Special deal for MCDC students: See any performance of Harold for just $8! (Regular price, $10 for June shows, $12 for July shows. Offer applies to student tickets. New sales only; no refunds. Offer not available online.)

For tickets & information:

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