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Our alumni are both our greatest achievement and one of our greatest assets.


“I have been working nonstop ever since. It is because Muhlenberg gave me what it did while I was here and continued to support me after I left that I am the successful, working professional I am today. I am eternally grateful to Muhlenberg for giving me that.”

—Nelson Ruger '93

When you join Muhlenberg Theatre & Dance, you not only join a performing arts department. You join a family. And you join a powerful professional network, which, when you graduate, becomes the launching pad for your successful career.

Muhlenberg Theatre & Dance alumni continue to work together long after they walk out through the red doors. Your colleagues here are your directors, casting agents, producers and fellow performers of the future, and the connections you make on the Muhlenberg stage will carry with you throughout your career.

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Zachary Chiero '09 and Jamie McKittrick '04 in Enchantment Theatre's Cinderella. Photo courtesy of Enchantment Theatre (special thanks to Kathy Lauer-Williams)