Alumni Profiles

Meagan Bruskewicz

Meagan Bruskewicz
Class of 2008
Major in Dance

Dance Administrator, Dance New Amsterdam

The years since graduating from Muhlenberg have passed by in a flash — filled with many challenges as well as many blessings. In this time, I eventually found my way to New York City, where I currently reside. I started a blog on dance ( Meagan Bruskewicz and performed in a few dance projects in the city. After doing two internships in dance administration, I decided to pursue this path instead of performing, which led to my current position as Development Associate at Dance New Amsterdam (DNA) in Manhattan. In addition to my work at DNA, I also am a member of the Congress on Research in Dance, Dance/USA, and the fledgling, NYC-based Collective for Dance Writing and New Media. In Fall 2012, though, I will be embarking on a new and exciting path in the field of dance as I begin a PhD program in Critical Dance Studies at University of California, Riverside.

I am very grateful for my dance degree and liberal arts education from Muhlenberg. It really is only now, after being out in the world for a few years, that I am able to fully appreciate just how much I learned during my time at the Berg. The dance program itself, under the passionate Meagan Bruskewiczdirection of Karen Dearborn, provided me a deep and well-rounded understanding of the art of dance.

I strongly feel that students leave the dance major at Muhlenberg as much stronger and more mature artists than graduates of most other college dance programs. Even in New York City, I often see work by emerging artists that appears juvenile and undeveloped. I am so thankful that my experience at the Berg taught me how to critically analyze dance and art and how to articulate those ideas — skills that have shaped my career and allowed me to enter discourse with many more experienced colleagues in the field. Beyond my specific area of study, I found the liberal arts program of Muhlenberg to be an invaluable foundation for life beyond college. The diverse coursework stretched me in new directions, making me a better, fuller person and citizen, while the demanding yet supportive faculty helped me to discover my full potential.

Meagan at work at Dance New Amsterdam and in her senior solo dance work at Muhlenberg, Manifesto.
Photos by Matthew Wright.