Alumni Profiles

Madeline Hoak

Lindsey Howard
Class of 2008
Dual Major in Dance and Theatre

Disney Cruise Line Performer

In 2009, I performed as a dancer/acrobat at Dollywood (Tennessee), and this October, I began my Disney Cruise Linethird contract performing with Disney Cruise Line. Through Disney, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of talented choreographers, directors, and performers, as well as traveling to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Baltic, Alaska, and Mexican Riviera.

Among many other things, my professors at Muhlenberg taught me to commit to and perform movement. When you’re taught so quickly at auditions, it’s nearly impossible to remember each step.  But if you commit to whatever your body chooses to do, you’ll be more exciting to watch, even if you make a mistake. Useful in the leadership position I’m in now, choreographing at Muhlenberg gave me the confidence to lead warm-ups and give Minnie in Tunisiafeedback, and it sharpened my eye for maintaining choreography through a performance run.

I’ve learned that someone can have many different passions in life. One (dancing) may help lead you to another (traveling). I’ve had incredible experiences and made lasting friendships thanks to the strong foundation I was given at Muhlenberg.

Lindsey performing on the Disney cruise line and as Minnie Mouse on a volunteer excursion to Tunisia.