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Master Choreographers

Dancers performing in
Master Choreographers

Feb. 10-12, 2011
Empie Theatre

Artistic Director Karen Dearborn

Lions, Tigers and Bears / Waking the Witch
excerpts from The Whiz
Choreography by Nicholas Leichter
Dancers: Ari Brandsdorfer, Jillian Casella, Katie Epstein, Katie Fierro, Angeline Kolpon, Cheyenne Lapes, Jenna Neckritz, Kristen Santos, Meg Schiffer, Ashley Sleeth

Way to the Willows
Choreography by Heidi Cruz-Austin
Dancers: Emily Ancona, Marissa Bottino, Chelsea Corley, Allison Hollows, Kelsey Hutchison, Danielle Laurion, Nick Picknally, Kristen Santos, Sean Vanin, Annabel Williams, Erin Wilson, Kellie-Ann Yamane

Shades of Grey
Choreography by Nicole Wolcott
Dancers: Emily Ancona, Kimberly Dodson, Maggie Griffin, Cheyenne Lapes, Brittani Maglio, Felix Mayes, AlexJo Natale, Carly Reed, Erika N. Samsky, Caitlin Sauter, Ashley Sleeth, Sean Vanin

Choreography by Corrie Franz Cowart
Dancers:Laura Arciero, Krista Bacchieri, Laura Baehr, Ari Brandsdorfer, Andrew Clark, Kate Dougherty, Celine McBride, Jeanette Meibach, Jenna Neckritz, Emily Romeo, Kristen Santos, Meredith Stapleton, Jackie Walsh, Kellie-Ann Yamane

A Suite Hot Mess: Serving It, Living It, Giving It... Get Into It...
Choreography by Charles O. Anderson
Dancers: Nicole Aboyoun, Laura Baehr, Lexi Clarke, Jillian Casella, Maggie Griffith, Angeline Kolpon, Felix Mayes, Cassi Perinotti, Carly Reed, Ashley Sleeth, Genna Soslow, Sean Vanin, Jackie Walsh

The first movement from the full length ballet
Choreography by Trinette Singleton
Dancers: Riana Aldana, Emily Ancona, Allison Hollows, Melissa Ryan Reitberg, Erika N. Samsky, Mary Jean Stack, Meredith Stapleton

Inner Visions
Choreography by Shelley Oliver
Dancers: Kadeem Alston-Roman, Meghan Donahoe, Katie Fierro, Kelsey Griffith, Lynn Lisella, Shannon Malia, AlexJo Natale, Emily Phillips, Alex Ripkin, Chelsea Torrance, Ashley Wofford
Understudy: Kristen Santos

Photo by Matthew Wright

Thursday, Feb. 10, 8 p.m.
Friday, Feb. 11, 8 p.m.
Saturday, Feb. 12, 2 & 8 p.m.

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By email: boxoffice@muhlenberg.edu
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