The Dance Program: Choreography


From the studio to the stage, performance and choreography students dance and create in an environment that is intense but collaborative, with an emphasis on both technique and intellectual breadth.

The Dance Choreography students focus on specific performance skills in a range of dance techniques, as well as engaging an in-depth study of the process of creative expression through choreography. Available courses include three levels of dance composition, screen dance, and a full range of technique classes. Students also learn the stagecraft of lighting and costume design, and have numerous opportunities to stage works for both informal and mainstage concerts.

Small class sizes ensure that students work closely with the Dance Program's internationally acclaimed faculty and guest artists every day, in the studio and on the stage.

A busy performance schedule gives our students frequent opportunities to dance and choreograph for an audience:



  • Four major student-choreographed concerts each year: two Mainstage concerts and two Dance Gallery concerts.
  • An annual Master Choreographers concert, in which students have the chance to work closely with accomplished faculty and guest artists.
  • An Informal Concert series each semester, featuring the work of student choreographers and dancers.
  • Frequent dance-theatre Mainstage collaborations, creating original works and innovative interdisciplinary adaptations.
  • Grand-scale musical theatre productions that showcase the talents of student dancers.
  • Three touring ensembles that perform on and off campus throughout the school year: Six Meters dance improv, the Jazz Tap Ensemble, and the DanceMax ensemble.

for Performance concentrators includes:

  • Foundation courses in movement and composition
  • Training offered at four levels of advancement, in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance
  • Courses in anatomy, kinesiology, biology of movement, and somatic practice for dancers
  • Optional courses in African dance and cultures, dance partnering, aerial acrobatics, and pointe and variations